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4GHz only or with an Ethernet cable?but it has no cellular failover protection. If your Internet connection goes down, you wonft be able to reach the Canary and the Canary wonft be able to upload its video clips to the cloud. Canary relies on an AC power adapter and has no backup battery. So if you suffer a power outage, or an intruder discovers the device and unplugs it, youfll be in the same boat the camera should capture anyone approaching it, but if you have a slow Internet connection, the clip might not get uploaded before the Canary loses power. To be fair, adding any or all of those features would increase the Canaryfs cost, but they are limitations a potential buyer should be aware of. You can get around Canaryfs reliance on AC power by plugging it into an uninterruptible power supply. And you can get over its reliance on 2. 4GHz Wi Fi by running an Ethernet cable to it adding support for 5GHz Wi Fi would be a better solution. Most of Canaryfs other shortcomings could be addressed by integrating it with other systems or at least enabling it to communicate with other sensors. But I donft know if thatfs doable. Therefs certainly no way to overcome its reliance on your broadband connection.

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Should a security breach be detected, an auto dialer function will call up to six pre programmed, designated phone numbers as alert protocol ? this includes your own phone, which means that you will receive real time alerts and notifications about potential intruders. Fortressf speaker can also be used to play a recorded message or another customized sound. A built in microphone also allows you to hear whatfs going on in your home while youfre not there as you call the system from your phone. Furthermore, the Fortressf loud alarm 110 decibels will alert neighbors of the sensor triggered, and thus intuitively deter potential intruders. This DIY home security system is easy to install and to set up. Fortress can be easily deactivated via a keypad or disarmed via a keyfob.